Candy Dice Ninja

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Candy Dice Pro Ninja

2018 Asian Champion Hiroshi Abe's signature model counterweight dice positions a hole at its corner.

The Concept of Candy Dice is to make it easier for anyone to pick up 5A, and this is the "another version" model of the original Candy Dice Pro. This counterweight is the signature model of Hiroshi Abe, the 5A champion of the Asia-Pacific Yo-Yo Contest.

Like other Candy Dice, it's super easy to use. Just open up the finger hole of your string, insert the dice, and cinch the string down on the groove. BOOM, you've switched from 1A to 5A.

But that's not the only way you can set up this dice, The Candy Dice Pro Ninja also has a hole running through it, allowing you to run the string through for a more secure fit. If you're getting into high-energy counterweight tricks, you don't have to worry about the dice flying off the string. The Candy Dice Pro Ninja will perform about the same, regardless of which method you use.

The Candy Dice Pro Ninja comes in Hiroshi's favorite color yellow. To satisfy his demands, it plays slightly faster than the original Candy Dice Pro and gives the player more control over how they want to use their dice. Built for the design scene, the Candy Dice Pro Ninja is a great counterweight for casual play at home and around town.

Please note:
These dice are 3D printed. There may be slight variations from one dice to the other. The layered texture of the dice is a result of the manufacturing process. In case any of the joints begin to fail, they can be easily repaired with wood glue.

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