Candy Dice Pro MOCHI feat. Takafumi Endo

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Candy Dice Pro MOCHI feat. Takafumi Endo

The original Candy Dice get revived in a softer material. This model was made for 2012 East Japan (EJ-B) 5A chamption, Takafumi Endo.

Modeled after the original Candy Dice R5.5, but made with a softer plastic to give it a softer catch and feeling in the hand, the MOCHI is aptly named.

As the naming suggests, the key feature for this counterweight is its softness, as it’s made from the same TPU plastic that many protective phone cases are made of. This material marries durability and pliability, with great shock absorption capabilities. This is the same material that was used for the Candy Dice Comet and DK, since the R5.5 was used as the base design, it has a great flight that seems to float in the air, making it extra easy to catch.

Because of the soft and shock absorbant material, it makes the MOCHI an excellent choice for practicing “direction changes,” where you hit your own body to reverse the spinning direction of the counterweight. You’ll feel like you can hit tricks in quick succession, but it will feel to you like it’s in slow motion. It’s a strange and beautiful combination, that makes the MOCHI a worthwhile counterweight to try!

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