Candy Dice Pro Complete Set 2019SS

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Candy Dice Pro Complete Set 2019SS

In celebration of over 3000 units being sold, Candy Dice has created a complete set of their 5 models to date!

Candy Dice is the brainchild of 2001 World X-Division champion, Shingo "Terry" Terada, who also is the REWIND Shibuya Store Manager. He teamed up with 3D printing artisan Hideki Toho (of YOYOMAKER) to make the first company to focus solely on developing innovative counterweights.

The core concept of Candy Dice is the bring the 5A style within reach of players of all levels, by making it as easy as possible to install and remove the weight to switch between styles of play. The other aspect of his design is to create "delicious" looking dice worthy of collecting on their own merits. His clever designs and hot colors have quickly made Candy Dice a hit.

This set is comprised of the 5 officially released Candy Dice as of spring of 2019, it includes a Candy Dice Prom, Original R6, Deep Groove, Ninja, and the new R7 model.

Try them out and see how the slight changes in weight and shape affect the play. Fine-tune your 5A play to find the perfect counterweight for you!

Check out the product pages for the individual dice to learn more about their special features (links below)

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