Candy Dice Pro Bacchus BB feat. Shingo Terada

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Candy Dice Pro Bacchus BB feat. Shingo Terada

The miniature beer barrel (KEG) version of the Candy Dice has been updated with bearings!

Shingo Terada, the 2001 X Division World Champion, and Turning Point have collaborated on a new version of the Candy Dice for the Bacchus model, updated with a bearing added.

Even though the emphasis was originally on details and novelty when it was first developed, the way the keg weight flew was a bit unique due to its cylindrical shape, and we felt that this shape had some potential, so we decided to keep updating it with each release. This new edition sports a bearing to keep your string at a neutral twist!

We didn't just throw in a bearing and call it a day. In order to make the most of the unique weight distribution of the bearing-equipped counterweight, we tested several prototypes to choose the position as well as the diameter of the body, to improve its performance.

As a result, the Bacchus has been reborn as a new counterweight that further refines the capabilities of the Candy Dice.

The "KEG" is a cute miniature beer keg with the same appearance and attention to detail as the original, but it is also a quality counterweight with a focus on comfort.

It has the chops to play, and it has the looks for your display case. Either way, please try it out.

*The surface of this product has been finished with a rough file in order to represent an old beer keg. Fine scratches are part of the design, and do not affect play.

About Candy Dice:

2001 X Division world champion and REWIND Shibuya store manager, Shingo "Terry" Terada joined forces with 3D printing mastermind Hideki Toho (AKA YOYOMAKER) to focus solely on the other side of the 5A string, focusing exclusively on counterweights.

"We want to foster a style of 5A play that makes it easy for anyone to pick up and try" was the concept at its heard, and so they innovated new ways to easily add a counterweight to a 1A yo-yo. This ease of use set them apart from other options, and they've never stopped innovating, with many collaborations with other makers, including the original Duncan. They keep things fresh with cool new colors in limited runs, making them great collectables.


Small layers in the dice face are part of the design thanks to the manufacturing process.
Candy Dice are 3D printed, and may have small variations from one to the next
Candy Dice are made of plastic. They are not actually candy, please don't put them in your mouth!
These dice are not indestructible, hard play and impacts against hardened surfaces such as concrete may damage the dice. Please play responsibly.

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