Candy Dice Enjoy Pack 2024

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Candy Dice - Candy Dice Enjoy Pack 2024

Try your hand at counterweight (5A)! Enjoy Pack" with limited colors!

(The color of the weights will be random.)

Candy Dice, produced by Shingo Terada, the 2001 X Division World Champion, now offers the "Enjoy Pack" with limited edition colors!

This pack contains two counterweights in limited colors: the standard "Original," which is recommended for those new to 5A, and "Daisuke," a mascot character-shaped counterweight.

Use them or add them to your collection. You can use them or add them to your collection. Why don't you try 5A with Candy Dice and have fun at the same time?

Candy Dice "The Original"

The core of the lineup and the first product in the lineup, "Original" is a versatile model that works well with most common string trick models. It is also available in a variety of limited edition colors that you will want to collect.

"Candy Dice "Daisuke"

A figure of "Daisuke," the cute mascot character of Candy Dice. The legs can be removed to use it as a counterweight, making it a unique accessory. Of course, it can be displayed as well!

Enjoy Pack is available in 4 colors:

  • Colorful Glitter
  • Blue Glitter
  • Yellow Glitter
  • Green Glitter

It's up to you to decide which combination you want!

Please enjoy the color coordination with the yo-yo itself.

The Candy Dice Daisuke is lightweight for ease of use, as it is hollow inside. Compared to other candy dice, it is more easily broken, so please be careful when using it as a counterweight. Also, please remove the feet when using it as a counterweight.

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