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Top Yo - Button

Official Description
TOPYO cloud is our classic product. We want to design a delrinyoyo that inherits the advantages of cloud and has new era elements.
We used to plan to make a metal hollow yo-yo ,But that is not always intuitive. So we take advantage of the technology we are good at recently-PC material.
The result is satisfactory. Plastics have a very low density, so the cap structure does not take up a lot of weight.
This makes the overall weight distribution still conventional,it has enough spin power.
The name comes from its shape, an emergency stop button.Logo design inspired by offwhite - a brand I really like.
BUTTON uses CNC hollow spheres PC transparent material , and the internal hollow structure ensures that the weight is distributed in the outer circle. Different from the small aluminum fixed parts used in the past delrin yoyos, this time we made response area a big aluminum part to increase contact area with pc body , the structure is more stable, and the color matching of the transparent sphere and the aluminum part can be more coordinated. The front logo is burned with laser printing.

More Information

Brand Top Yo
Series None
Signature -
Style String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)
age Not Mentioned
Designed In China
Release Year 2019
Weight (g) 67.5
Diameter (mm) 57.98
Width (mm) 47.26
Trapeze Width (mm) 36
Body Shape Step Round
Body Material Aluminum (7003)
Rim Plastic
Bearing Type 5 Cut Bearing
Bearing Size Size C (Large)
Response System Slim (OD 19mm)
Axle M4 x 10mm
Twist-apart Twist-Apart
Spacer None
Bind Bind Required
Surface Smooth Processed
Maintenance Pad/Sticker/O-Ring Change Required


StringC3 Pro String (Fat) x100
BearingCLYW x iYoYo Pixel Bearing
PadREWIND Japan Pad
MaintenanceYYF DARK MATTER Lubricant

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