Buff (Throw Polish)

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MonkeyfingeR Design - Buff (Throw Polish)

Polish your full metal yo-yos, protect its coatings and bring back the life to your precious throw.

Use this Buff to rub down your yo-yo, returning the shine to your full metal yo-yo. This also smooths out the surface, improving the grind trick performance of your yo-yo.

The Buff is made from materials that are safe for human skin. It's designed for use with anodized yo-yos; you assume all risk with RAW finishes.

Wipe down the yo-yo with a clean cloth. Use a fresh clean cloth with the Buff. Appy 1-2cm of Buff to the cloth and start rubbing down the yo-yo body. You'll notice the difference indicating when the job is done. Use the dry sections of the cloth to spread the Buff and polish it uniformly for an even shine. You can use your yo-yo immediately after polishing, or if you choose, let it dry completely over the next hour or two, then wipe it down again with a dry cloth before playing.

>> Get Buff! How to use the new Return Top polish from MonkeyfingeR Design

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