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Candy Dice Atmosphere feat. Makoto Numagami

Atmosphere is a new model by Makoto Numagami, the 2004 5A World Champion and member Team Candy Dice.

This is a large counterweight with a diameter of approximately 26.5mm, which reproduces the density and comfort of the counterweight that Numagami made for himself by drilling holes in the Super Ball he used to become World Champion.

The outer circumference is made of PLA--the same material used in many candy dice--and the center is made of TPU. The TPU core has a higher fill rate than usual, so although the counterweight is larger, it still has the feeling of weight concentrated in an inner core.

Candy Dice has made large counterweights in the past. This time, however, we took on the new challenge of making the feel similar to that of Super Ball, using a completely different material.

This model bears the same name as Numakami's signature model, the Atmosphere originally released by YoYoJam in the past. We hope that many people, not just long-time Numagami fans, will try this model.


Candy Dice may look delicious, but it's more dice than Candy! This is a plastic product. Never put it in your mouth or eat it. 

There are lamination lines on the surface of the weight; this is a result of the 3D printing construction.

The surface of the weight may have some thread pulling (like whiskers), base support marks, or other processing marks. These are not a problem for use, but if you are concerned about them, please cut them off with nippers, or file them down, etc.

All the work is finished by hand. There may be slight individual differences from one dice to the next.

There is a possibility of damage to the product if it collides with yo-yos or other objects during intense play, or if it is dropped on concrete or other hard floor surfaces. Please handle with care.

More Information

Brand Candy Dice
Signature Makoto Numagami
Weight (g) 11.7
Diameter (mm) 26.47
Width (mm) 26.72

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