Anonymous YoYo String Regular Fat x100

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Anonymous YoYo String Regular Fat x100
Made in Indonesia with materials from Japan, these are top-quality strings!

This 100% polyester strings are from the Indonesian specialty yo-yo string maker, Anonymous Yo-Yo String. To ensure the best quality, they've imported high quality materials from Japan, to their factory in Indonesia.

At 130-140cm, they are extremely long. If you have had trouble finding a string long enough to match your desired style and playfeel, we recommend giving these a try. They come without fingerholes, so you can cut to your desired length and make your own.

The strings come in two types: Regular and Less Tension, which also come in different thickness:

Regular Type:
This string is Anonymous String's flagship specialty string. With a strong twist, it gives a distinct playfeel that feels like there's a taut core to the string. During laceration and slack tricks, it holds a beautiful loop that makes it easy to hit suicides, and it has a great "bounce" to it.

Less Tension Type:
The twist is a little looser on this type; compared to the Regular it has a softer and lighter playfeel, but doesn't feel like it sacrifices any of the shape-holding characteristics of the Regular string. No complaints here for lacerations and slack tricks!

Obviously, the "Fat" string is slightly thicker than the "Thin" variation, which supports all the functions of the Regular type including enhancing slack style tricks. The thicker string ensures a tight, strong bind.

We recommend using the Less Tension Thin type for looping and 2A play.

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Jeremy Kuyah
A good kitty fat alternative

As mentioned in the summary; it's a viable alternative for kitty fat.

It has the same thickness as kitty's, pretty soft as well. However this (regular fat) felt kind of stiff. You know some bundles of string got this bouncy feeling, this one not as bouncy. Hence the stiffness.

In terms of how it performs, works just the same as kitty's. Whips, slacks, just as nice. One good thing, it can maintain tension a bit better.

In the end, it depends on your personal preferences. I'd still prefer kitty. But this one still a really good alternative for kitty.


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