Aluminium Polishing Cloth

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Aluminium Polishing Cloth

This polishing cloth is for polishing your raw aluminum silver yo-yos.

This cloth is effective for polishing any aluminum objects, so of course you can use it on other items such as jewelry or other accessories. The cloth will wear down the finish on non-raw yo-yos, so please only use it for your raw ones. You can use it to polish the metal rims on certain models, as long as the metal is raw and uncolored. When the rim darkens over time, you can use this cloth to bring it back to life.

Size: 12.5x19.5cm

Please take note that there are "silver" yo-yos available in our store, but unless they're specified as "RAW," there is a coating on the metal, and you shouldn't use this cloth for them.

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Brand From Japan
Weight (g) 1.0

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