Acrylic Display Case (INNOV Cube) REWIND logo

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Acrylic Display Case (INNOV Cube) REWIND logo

This case is sure to keep your most precious yo-yos in mint condition.

Which of your yo-yos are most precious to you? The first one you bought? Your rare collectors items? The yo-yo you used to win a contest? Maybe one that's broken but still holds sentimental value. Either way, this acrylic yo-yo case is designed to keep the yo-yos you love but no longer use in mint condition.

Completely transparent, you can clearly see the yo-yo inside in all its glory. However, this case is very thick, and completely encases the yo-yo to ensure its safety. Yet, the case is still easy to open, just in case your throwing hand gets a little itchy. The small clear stand which holds your yo-yo in place is also easily removable.

This case has the REWIND "R" etched on the lower right corner (see images). If you want a case without the "R," check the related items panel.

Outer Dimensions: 69x79x79mm
Inner Dimensions: 65x68x66mm

Please confirm that your yo-yo will fit inside the case before you purchase. The removable stand has a width of 2.9mm, so be aware that it cannot be used with looping yo-yos with gaps smaller than 2.9mm (or you will have to loosen the yo-yo so it can sit on the stand. We've already confirmed that the Hyper Comet and MonsterShell will fit on the stand, as is.

Maker's note: These cases are handmade, so there is a possibility there are small tool marks, slightly coarse joints, the back panel may be stiff, or the stand may wiggle a little in its slot. The yo-yo in the image is for display purposes only.

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Brand Rewind
Weight (g) 1.0

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