[Set] Metal / Loop Set


Great for a present! A combo set with both a high end full metal yo-yo and a pair of looping yo-yos, along with a boatload of accessories!

This is the perfect gift for someone that has mastered the basics and is looking for a new challenge. Maybe that describes you? Treat yourself with the Metal / Loop set!

The yo-yos in this set are a far cry from the beginner models; the metal yo-yos are above and beyond in every regard, and the looping yo-yos are themselves used by the pros.

FYI: For more information on bind response yo-yos, click here.

For the metal yo-yo, you get to choose between the Krown -signature model of 2009 1A World Champion, Shinya Kido. excellent yo-yos that will serve their master well. If it helps you choose, the Krown is slightly wider, which makes hitting the string a little easier; the Radius has a larger diameter, giving it a more powerful spin.

For the looping yo-yos, you have a choice between World Champion Shu Takada's Loop 720. You can easily handle tricks like Loop the Loop, Around the World, and others like them. Neither has a "difficult" setting, with a great balance of sleep and and responsiveness, with very stable spins. This gives you a fighting chance at difficult looping tricks.

Set includes a 10-pack of string for the metal yo-yo and a 10-pack of string for the looping yo-yos.

We're also throwing in a bottle of looping oil, designed to increase the responsiveness of your looping yo-yos. It also can be used to protect your string trick bearings. For more information on bearing oil, click here.

But that's not all! We've also included a special tape to protect your fingers from the string (trust us, you'll need it), and a special REWIND yo-yo holder!

Since you're getting so much stuff, it would be wrong of us to give you all of these items without offering something to carry it in. Just in case you don't have one already, we're offering a REWIND yo-yo bag at a huge discount.

Lastly, we're throwing in a copy of our own instructional DVD, free of charge!

Purchased separately, these items would cost 1.5 the set price, no denying you're getting a killer deal! Get it now for yourself or the yo-yo nerd in your life.