Shop with REWIND USA

We have a shipping base in California for your convenience.

REWIND USA does not have all the items REWIND Worldwide has, but right now we are trying to ship products from Japan and stock as much variety as possible at REWIND USA.

Please keep checking the REWIND USA page and our social media.

If you still want to buy from Japan for any reason, here are our current shipping option besides EMS and FedEx. As of Jan. 17, 2024, we can ship with Small Packet option to the US, also.

USPS via REWIND USA (This option ended on Jan. 17, 2024. Please use Small Packet now)

We are also aware that there are some customers that cannot, or do not want to, pay high shipping but still want to receive some items from Japan. Therefore, we came up with another solution.

REWIND Japan ships big boxes to REWIND USA regularly, especially in this COVID-19 situation to keep REWIND USA stocked. Our plan is to send a shipment every 2-3 weeks.

If you place your order with this “USPS via REWIND USA” shipping option, REWIND Japan will include your order with our regular shipment to our California base. We use FedEx Priority for this shipment. Once the shipment arrives at REWIND USA, our staff in California will ship your order with USPS First-Class Mail domestically.

This option could be quick like 10 days, or could possibly take 4-5 weeks. It really depends on the timing and the situation.

There are two good points with this shipping option:

We will offer this option at $15. Furthermore, if your order is more than $200 worth, your order qualifies for free shipping, just like with our usual ePacket shipping.

Also, we will take care of the customs and duties when we ship to our California base, so you do not need to worry about import tax anymore.